Dermaplaning is a simple way to restore fresh healthy skin. Helping to increase the absorption of healthy skin care products.  The exfoliation triggers the cell regeneration process and helps reduce acne break outs.

What It Is:

A scalpel is used to remove dead surface skin cells, revealing glowing, smooth skin.

What It Does:

Removes dead surface skin cells and temporarily removes the transparent baby hairs on cheeks. This results in baby-butt soft skin, revealing a youthful glow, making pores smaller, and wrinkles less visible.

Effective Treatment For:

Treatment Frequency:

We recommend you have your skin refreshed every 4-6 weeks.

Where It Can Be Used:

Anywhere you have skin. Safe on all skin types and colors. Great for clients naïve to cosmetic procedures.

What To Expect:

The skin is glowy after the procedure, and makeup may be applied mmediately…but why would you want to cover that new glow?