Nutrient Body Sculpting

Restore a youthful, vibrant appearance to your skin, while restoring nutrients and hydrating the body.

What It Is:

NBS system is a body treatment system immersed in a mineral solution with micronutrients designed to hydrate the body, while at the same time enhancing your body’s natural profile. The NBS system is moistened with a micronutrient and mineral solution that contains some essential ingredients that the skin can absorb over time, and can in turn facilitate the body’s natural ability to metabolic reactions.

What It Does:

The body is in constant need of maintaining a level of hydration for all of its organ systems, which includes the skin, the largest organ of the body.  Water is the medium that transports nutrients while it proceeds through the body’s water cycle.  This is a key reason to always have highly mineralized solutions available for the body.  Water with micronutrients and minerals are needed to allow these elements to diffuse from the capillaries of the dermis to epidermis and back again.  The Nutrient Body Sculpting system can help support hydration of the skin by providing nutrients to the epidermis which can, overtime, be transported back to the dermis capillaries.

Effective Treatment For:

Treatment Frequency:

Treatment can be applied to any area with loose skin and stored fat and toxins. Recommend 12 treatments spaced weekly for optimal results.

What To Expect:

Healthier Skin. One of the keys to having healthy skin or a healthy body is to maintain healthy tissue cells by protecting them from harm from free radicals.  However, free radicals in the body can cause damage to healthy tissue once they start to propagate.  Reducing the amount of free radicals in the body is a giant step towards healthier skin and a healthier body.  Free radicals are formed during disfavored oxidation reactions in the body.