How did I suddenly become old?

Mar 2015

So, it’s come to this … you now see your mother in the mirror. You wonder, How did I suddenly become old? What can I do about it? Do I need plastic surgery?  Don’t worry, my friends, there is still hope for facial rejuvenation … without surgery. There are many advances that we can utilize […]


Rediscovering your Beauty

Rediscovering your Beauty, blog by Dr Ling. Cosmetic Medicine, Austin, Texas. Tips by Dr. Ling on restoring your inner and outer beauty.
May 2014

Rediscovering your Beauty Restoring outer beauty is my business … and so is restoring inner beauty. “So, how does one restore inner beauty?” one asks … for it is with inner beauty that outer beauty can truly manifest itself. How can we replicate the glow that someone has when they are in love … the […]


IPL vs Lasers Skin Rejuvenation

Skin Rejuvenation Intense Pulsed Light IPL vs Lasers
Apr 2011

IPL’s vs lasers: All IPL’s are basically light bulbs hooked up to a computer that tells it how often and how fast to pulse the light. There are different terms, such as Broadband Light, Variable Pulsed Light, and Intense Pulsed Light. They all refer to the same thing, and the terms are basically a sales […]