Beauty for Men 2015

Beauty for Men - Cosmetic Procedures Men Should Consider - Austin, Texas
Jun 2015

In my practice, men rarely come in on their own accord…it’s usually prompted by a significant other. With a little prodding, men do express concerns about aging. Fortunately, men do age more gracefully than women. Testosterone promotes a better foundation (bone density and muscle mass) to their faces from the start, so the skin has […]


Help Your Skin Blossom This Spring

Mar 2015

How to Help Your Skin Blossom in the Spring Has someone leaked unretouched photos of you…say, on Facebook or Instagram? Celebrities aren’t the only ones wishing they could be permanently airbrushed. But life happens…we age, have hormonal changes, have children, have stress, eat poorly, don’t exercise enough, don’t drink enough, and don’t use SPF. Most […]


Health and Beauty Resolutions

Innate Beauty Medical Rejuvenation Center - Chemical Peels - Austin, Texas
Dec 2013

It’s that time of year again…time for (gasp!) the New Year’s Resolution.  But, before you go make some lofty goals that you abandon in a month, give yourself the best chance of success.  Let us first review the characteristics of effective goals: 1.  Challenging. Your goals should be realistic and suited to your present capabilities. […]