Winter Specials
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Special Occasion Microdermabrasions
Take a couple years off with our $50 Medical Microdermabrasion for Brides- and Grooms-to-be, new mothers, facebook friends/fans whose relationship status has changed, and during your birth month. Brides and grooms need to present a wedding invitation as proof; mothers, birth-certificates (or just bring your baby); facebook friends/fans, we just need to notice the change on your status (note: we don’t log into facebook every day); birthday people, your driver’s license.  The special is good for a single treatment per occasion.
Get baby-butt smooth skin, smaller pores, finer lines and wrinkles, lighter spots, and less-noticeable acne scars with even a single treatment. Best results are achieved with regular (every 4 – 6 weeks) visits, but you look and feel better with just one treatment. You’re only a little pink for about an hour after the procedure, and will feel windburned for about a day.  Makeup goes on smoother, and can be applied immediately after the procedure, so be sure to schedule it a day or two before a social event, so you can look your best.
When booking this appointment, please select Special Occasion Microdermabrasion as the service, and select Lisette Martinez as the practitioner; Dr. Ling if you plan to add on another service, like Botox.  Please make note of the occasion when booking online, in the Special Notes section.  Thank you.