Pico Genesis FAQ

Jul 2017

WHAT IS PICO GENESIS? PICO Genesis is the latest aesthetic treatment to improve the appearance of unwanted freckles, sun spots and age spots – gently, predictably and quickly. PICO Genesis treatments will make your skin appear lighter, brighter, and more even in a series of two to three treatments. HOW DOES THE PICO GENESIS TREATMENT […]


Beauty for Men 2015

Beauty for Men - Cosmetic Procedures Men Should Consider - Austin, Texas
Jun 2015

In my practice, men rarely come in on their own accord…it’s usually prompted by a significant other. With a little prodding, men do express concerns about aging. Fortunately, men do age more gracefully than women. Testosterone promotes a better foundation (bone density and muscle mass) to their faces from the start, so the skin has […]


Guide to Great Lips

Innate Beauty Medical Rejuvenation Center - Dermal Fillers - Austin, Texas
May 2015

Have you taken the Kylie Jenner challenge? Please say no. There are better ways to get fuller lips than vacuuming them. In fact, there is a plethora of products that can be used in the lips that, when applied properly, won’t cause blood clots, bruising, and other irreparable damage. And gone are the days when […]


How did I suddenly become old?

Mar 2015

So, it’s come to this … you now see your mother in the mirror. You wonder, How did I suddenly become old? What can I do about it? Do I need plastic surgery?  Don’t worry, my friends, there is still hope for facial rejuvenation … without surgery. There are many advances that we can utilize […]


Help Your Skin Blossom This Spring

Mar 2015

How to Help Your Skin Blossom in the Spring Has someone leaked unretouched photos of you…say, on Facebook or Instagram? Celebrities aren’t the only ones wishing they could be permanently airbrushed. But life happens…we age, have hormonal changes, have children, have stress, eat poorly, don’t exercise enough, don’t drink enough, and don’t use SPF. Most […]


Beauty for the New Year 2015

Beauty Blog by Dr Ling Medical Aesthetics Beauty Tips
Mar 2015

Beauty for the New Year It has happened again…someone has tagged you on Facebook, with an unflattering expression on your face, your eyes half-closed, or an extra chin. What recourse do you have?  You can’t modify those photos; you can only un-tag yourself and hope no one saw them or didn’t recognize you.  Or…you can […]


Beauty for Men

Beauty for Men Blog by Dr Ling Men's Skincare Tips for Skincare for Men
Jun 2014

Three very burly men meet in a dimly-lit bar… They don shaggy beards, loose t-shirts, and generic jeans. They greet each other with strong handshakes and order beer. And the inevitable question arises when I meet them, “So…what do you do?” I reply, “I play with people’s faces,” which draws their curiosity. I explain, “I […]


Rediscovering your Beauty

Rediscovering your Beauty, blog by Dr Ling. Cosmetic Medicine, Austin, Texas. Tips by Dr. Ling on restoring your inner and outer beauty.
May 2014

Rediscovering your Beauty Restoring outer beauty is my business … and so is restoring inner beauty. “So, how does one restore inner beauty?” one asks … for it is with inner beauty that outer beauty can truly manifest itself. How can we replicate the glow that someone has when they are in love … the […]


Health and Beauty Resolutions

Innate Beauty Medical Rejuvenation Center - Chemical Peels - Austin, Texas
Dec 2013

It’s that time of year again…time for (gasp!) the New Year’s Resolution.  But, before you go make some lofty goals that you abandon in a month, give yourself the best chance of success.  Let us first review the characteristics of effective goals: 1.  Challenging. Your goals should be realistic and suited to your present capabilities. […]


IPL vs Lasers Skin Rejuvenation

Skin Rejuvenation Intense Pulsed Light IPL vs Lasers
Apr 2011

IPL’s vs lasers: All IPL’s are basically light bulbs hooked up to a computer that tells it how often and how fast to pulse the light. There are different terms, such as Broadband Light, Variable Pulsed Light, and Intense Pulsed Light. They all refer to the same thing, and the terms are basically a sales […]